Just…Danny Raye

A writer is never not a writer. It’s true that we’re constantly writing, even when we’re diligently listening to your conversation or when we’re asleep. Inspiration is everywhere, and writers can’t help but imagine putting our genre’s spin on everything we experience.

But outside of writing, I’m just Danny Raye. Copyeditor and beta reader. Mustang lover. The gal with the 71-year-old soul. All of that’s easy to see on my Instagram. But I bet there are a few things about me you didn’t know. Like…

I’m A Daughter of God

In 2018, I met Jesus Christ and fell in love with Him. He rescued me from captivity to fear and shame. He saved me from sin and death. He lifted me out of the pity into prosperity. Everything I am, everything I have is because of His love for me. And now, I spend my life telling others that He can do the same for them!

I’m a Mother of Two

Feels like I’ve waited my whole life for my son, Cristiano. My oh-so-handsome gentleman taught me how to love in a way only a child from God could.

And my daughter, Akaia, is the little girl I never knew I needed. My adventurous, strong leader is already making strides for the kingdom of Heaven.

Trivial Facts About Me:

  • My birthday is on February 17th.
  • I live in Missouri, USA.
  • I love stone churches because they represent the beauty and majesty of God Almighty.
  • My favorite holidays go in this order: Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day.
  • I am all natural: no tattoos, no piercings, never had a sip of alcohol. I’ve never even dyed my hair!

Have any interesting facts about yourself you’d like to share? I’d love to get to know y’all in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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