To my dearest followers,

I’m back! I apologize for being away for some time, and I thank you for patiently awaiting my return. ANON if you’re reading this, I received your kind email and it warmed my heart that you checked in on me. Thank you! Thank you to the most loyal of fans in China who are on my website every day. I see you guys, and I thank you for supporting me so passionately.

Halloween is like a birthday to me, so those 31 days were highly active in my household. With the holiday over, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. Priority now is to finish Cursed by Cobrador to reach publication in March 2021. I have FIVE scenes left to write to completion. Likely the only posts to come out of this month will be book reviews.

I appreciate all of you and your continued support. When you read my work, it’s like you give me a warm friendly hug, and it means far more than I can ever express. Thank you. And I hope you’ll be there with me come March of next year when I’m celebrating the publication of my debut novel Cursed by Cobrador!

Some Halloween fun while I was away…