My Mustang Obsession

Must be the most random thing to be as in love with Mustangs as I am without actually owning one. But I am. I live, breathe, and bleed Mustangs. Preferably Fastbacks or the ’18 and newer models.

Why, though? What made me fall in love with Mustangs?

Simple. He did:

Artwork by Christos Karapanos. Copyright Danny Raye © 2021. All Rights Reserved.

His name is Alex Matalino, and he’s my character in my upcoming book. He’s a mechanic by day and an exorcist by night, and the Mustang is his identifier.

When I was doing research to build his character, I wanted a car that was unnecessarily popular, just like Alex is. Where I live in Missouri, there wasn’t a day where you DIDN’T see a Mustang on the street. Then I started watching YouTube videos–Rush Shift taught me so much–and going through thousands of pictures on Pinterest, and as soon as I saw the 2018 Mustang, I knew it was the one for Alex. The aggressive body was really what sold me because the style matched Alex’s other identifier: aggressive sensuality.

So there you have it. That’s why I love them.

Summer 2021, I was privileged enough to be able to ride in a modified Mustang to an event called Invasion in Iowa. A kind stranger allowed me to be the passenger in his ’06 Mustang for 16 hours. He took me to a Mustang meet where I got to see over 400 Mustangs, a burn out contest, and an exhaust contest!

Roaming that parking lot, I got to see so many builds and hear so many different exhausts, it was the most incredible experience of my life. The best part…I got to see Alex’s Mustang in real life! A guy named Ray had modified his Mustang in a way that looked almost identical to the one I imagined for Alex.

Alex’s Mustang!

Other Mustangs I loved at Invasion:

I got to sit in and start up a Bullitt!
Sally’s interior (daytime)
Sally’s interior (nighttime)

So, when I say, “Mustang for life,” I mean it. No other muscle car can compare because no other muscle car suits Alex better.

Thanks for reading!

What’s your take on the Ford Mustang?

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