Dear Satan by: Mary Clark

Dear Satan,

You prey on innocence and look like love

I happily believed you

God heard me crying from above

“My only God, I need you”

Your subtle lies would pull me back

Oh, how I wanted freedom

You felt like all that I had lacked

But in my days, I need Him

Insecure, I’d cling to your hand

Afraid of light’s exposure

Chained and shackled straight to man

Where was my closure?

Obedience and patience thin,

Why was I not growing?

I gave you what belongs to Him

God, I’m sorry for not knowing

The battle was within the chase

You’re not the side that won

Redeemed through his true holy grace

He gave to me His Son

Now I see you as regret

The monster in disguise

You used the man that I had met

Who led me straight to Christ

But now stay down; how dare you speak!

You’ll never win your game

I cry out humbled, cry out meek


Your wickedness will never win

Our God is on our side

You used one of his chosen men

You walked him into lies

Just so you know, my sword is strong

God’s Word has sealed your fate

You succeeded in him doing wrong

But I refuse to hate

I rebuke you, oh fallen one

Our God has heard us sing

Stay away from me and those I love


Mary Clark is a registered nurse with a fired-up Christian faith. Her love for Jesus sparked in a life-changing way in 2022 when she was inspired to write this piece “Dear Satan.” As a personal friend of mine, it was an honor to have her thoughts featured here on my blog. Please leave comments to let her know what you thought!

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