Lot 22

Some people savor the happy memories of their childhood home. Others are haunted by them. Either I’m lucky or unfortunate to be in the latter group. I tell ghost stories to my children from the Big Blue House, the house I grew up in on Lot 22. Stories of strange noises, disembodied voices, and nightmare-inducing apparitions. Now I’m ready to share those stories with you.

The quotes at the beginning of each chapter are from conversations my mom and I had reflecting on the Lot 22 house. All the paranormal occurrences are true events. Rather than retelling the story in personal narrative, I wanted to weave a little bit of personality into the experiences. Therefore I recreated—to the best of my ability—my family from 2000-2009.

Reading these events, you are entitled to your opinion regarding the paranormal and the afterlife. By writing these, I am not substantiating the proof of either. I am merely trying to entertain you with the events that once terrified me.

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