About Author

Danny Raye is an upcoming author with a third eye for the paranormal, and a devotion to the Lord Almighty. Her first novel to be published tackles spiritual warfare: the ultimate and primordial battle between Heaven and Hell.

Raised in spiritually active houses since birth, Danny has experience with ghosts and extensive knowledge in paranormal investigating. At four years old she witnessed her first full-body apparitions, and at thirteen years old she captured her first EVP of a boy saying, “Julia’s trying to come in.” At twenty-four years old, a traumatic experience elevated her psyche, and she witnessed demonic oppression.

Danny lives in Independence, Missouri with her son and daughter. She enjoys reading men’s fiction on her front porch, camping out on family movie nights, and dancing the night away. You can sweet talk her into a conversation about Mustangs, John Wick, or Michael Myers.

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