3 Books I’ve Beta Read (Now Published)

Check out these newly released books! Featuring a spy novel with an unpredictable plot twist, a fairy coloring book you won’t find just anywhere, and a kids book that sold over 100 copies during its release week.

Pebbles and the Biggest Number by: Joey Benun

After hearing about the release of the book, my kids were BEYOND thrilled to find out what the biggest number is. The day the book arrived they both had the book completely read in under an hour. My daughter had a blast going down the line of numerical values, and she even vowed to tell her teacher all about the value nonillion in class the next day.

A book that can both entertain and teach is one you should DEFINITELY have on your shelf! Your kids will love journeying with Pebbles and learning all the trivia nuggets along the way. (To be honest, I learned some things myself while reading it.) Love this book! Every home, classroom, and library should have a copy! 

The Repurposed Spy by: Oliver Dowson

Man, what a plot twist! For 3/4 of the book, I sympathized with certain characters and loathed others only for everything to be flipped on its head at the end. The enemies were not who I thought they were at all!

The whole book was a non-stop thrill ride. For the first time in a long time, the solutions to conflict were unpredictable. Characters behaved in ways you wouldn’t have anticipated. Our main character, Jones, ended up in situations that were NOT in his job description. I devoured the book in two days because I just had to keep flipping pages to find out what happens next.

Definitely give this book a read! Jones might not be 007, but he’s not just a teacher-turned-spy either.

Fairy Coloring Book For Kids by: Anna Wolf

Coloring has always been a popular pastime in my family, and I’ve finally found the perfect coloring book! This simple coloring book includes just enough detail per page to appeal to my 7-year-old daughter’s fleeting mind. Pages in other coloring books are always booming with intricate detail that disheartened her. She’d end up just scribbling through the extra detail to feel like she’d accomplished coloring the whole picture. The simple drawings in this coloring book enable our family coloring time to feel like an achievement! She was so proud to hold up the fully-colored page. And we hung it right up on the fridge.

I love also that the coloring book includes an award at the back for coloring all the pictures! And it’s signed by the fairies in the book, how adorable!

Grateful that we gave this coloring book a try. You should too!

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