3 Artists For Fantasy Writers

Hey, fantasy writers! Need character art or book covers for your novel? Check out these three talented artists who’ve got just the skillset you’re looking for.

*Pricing may vary per artist and per piece of art. Ask the artist to guarantee the price of your specific needs.

Christos Karapanos

If realism is what you’re looking for, Christos has the skillset to illustrate it for you. From people to fantasy creatures to cars and houses, Christos can draw it all!

Website: Christos Karapanos Art

Price: $300 (standard full-body)

Artist Anastasia (Luna)

If that genuine fantasy feeling is what you’re after, Luna’s got you covered. Her anime and D&D characters are sure to bring your fantasy characters to life. Or hire her to craft your book cover.

Website: artist anastasia on Behance

Price: $220 (full body)/$280 (book cover)


If roleplay fantasy is where your interests lie, Elena is the gal to hire. With great attention to detail, she transforms imagination into reality.

Copyright © Elena

Find her on Twitter

Price: $250 (ask for package prices)

**Note: All images in this post are copywritten and are not permitted for use by readers. Permission was granted by artists to Danny Raye solely for promotion through this post. Use of these images without permission may result in criminal penalties of jailtime or fees. Please respect the artists and owners of these images. Thank you!

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