Forgiveness, Love, Direction

Author’s Note: Below are three sermons that changed my life. You can skip past the worship introductions to about twenty minutes in when Pastor Chad or Pastor Phil take the stage. You can listen to them like a podcast while you work or clean. I pray that they move your heart as they did mine.


Revival Weekend 2022, Pastor Chad Glover preached a life-changing message on forgiveness that shook the scales from my eyes. During this sermon, I was brought to my knees with revelation. I had been missing this crucial piece of the forgiving process.


Love is a little lost from Scripture these days, wouldn’t you agree? We’ve got multi-partner relationships, couples with contingencies, friends with benefits, and other ungodly intermingling in the dating world. Pastor Phil Hopper preached just the sermon we need in this age of relational chaos.


Pastor Chad Glover has a way of stirring up the heart with his sermons. When he preached about how God goads us into pursuit of His will, the nature of my heart changed. I wept through a gut-wrenching prayer after learning these fives ways God’s been trying to get my attention.

Give one of these messages a try! What do you have to lose?

Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Forgiveness, Love, Direction

  1. That sermon on love/marriage truly changed my life as well. Pastor Phil is truly anointed to preach. EVERY time I listen to him it is fully engaging, scripturally illuminating, and I truly feel my spiritual appetite being satiated. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. I’m so glad you watch his sermons, Mary! God definitely speaks right through Pastor Phil. And Pastor Chad certainly has a way of goading our hearts back in line with God’s will. Love the pair of them!


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