How Does a Beta Read Work?

If you’ve written a book, you’ll need a fresh pair of eyes to read it before publication. As a beta reader, I give feedback regarding plot, character development, pacing, entertainment value, and more!

Here’s what the process of hiring me as a beta reader looks like:

  1. Contact me regarding your work (manuscript, poem, polemic, children’s book, etc.).
    • You can reach me through my Contact page.
    • Suggested message to send: Hi, Danny Raye! I’m in need of a beta read for my 100k-word fiction novel. Are you available?
  2. In response, I’ll guarantee my availability and I’ll ask you three questions:
    • How many pages is the document?
    • When will you need it delivered by?
    • Are there sex scenes?
  3. If I am the right fit for your needs, we will proceed by setting a delivery date and price based on word count.
  4. You send me the manuscript (.pdf, .doc, .odt)
  5. I beta read by embedding detailed notes throughout the manuscript. I also include an Overall Thoughts section where I provide constructive criticism, make suggestions for editors, and offer my perspective as a reader.
  6. Once the beta read is completed on or before schedule, I return the document to you in the format you delivered it to me.
  7. You review my notes and ask any questions you have for clarity or out of curiosity.
  8. Once satisfied with my work, we finalize the order.
  9. You leave a review so that other writers know they can trust me with their work.
  10. Keep me in mind for future projects!

* This whole process takes place on Fiverr. New to Fiverr? Let me know and I will gladly walk you through the site!

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