Beta Reader

As an active member of the Writing Community, I have beta read for authors of all genres for three years. I provide thorough feedback, constructively critical suggestions, and I always want what’s best for your book!

A Beta Read Focuses On:

  • Character Development
  • Pacing
  • Plot
  • Comprehension
  • Entertainment value

Genres I’ve Read

  • Fantasy (consisting of 70% of what I read)
  • Crime Thriller
  • Murder Mystery
  • Romance
  • Memoir
  • Polemic
  • Children’s books
  • Science Fiction
  • Psychological Thriller

Titles I Beta Read That Are Now Published:


  • Price for less than 145k words: $25
  • Price for 145k-200k words: $40
  • Price for more than 200k words: $60

More information

I would love to beta read your book! Reach out today!

As a creator, I am always looking for good, honest and detailed feedback in regard to my art. I have hired many beta readers over the years, and I can honestly say that my received overview report was one of the most informative and insightful. If you are looking to learn more about the overall writing experience, get detailed feedback and review your work with care, this is the beta reader to hire.

Jamal, South Korea

Danny is sort of like a Christmas tree, in the way that she’s extremely lit. Lots of genuine, helpful, and constructive feedback. Not just in a gushing, sugarcoaty way about all the good things, but also in a “chief imma be real witchu, this part is just not doin it for me” way, which I really appreciate (but she phrases it far more eloquently than that). I give her two thumbs up, but — dare I say it – if I were an octopus, I would probably give her eight, despite not technically having any thumbs.

Drew, United States

She communicated before the gig quickly and clearly, finished ahead of schedule, and did an excellent job. Others should book her now before she realizes that she should at least triple her prices for the value she provides. Even if she ups her fee 4x, she’s worth it.

James, united states

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