Favorite Quotes from Pastor Phil Hopper

Phil Hopper is the lead pastor at Abundant Life Church in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. For 23 years, he has been fighting the good fight by taking an uncompromising approach to preaching the Word of God. Since February 2022, I have sat in the audience captivated by Pastor Phil’s intellect and spiritual strength. Here are some of my favorite Pastor Phil quotes to date:

To a faithless religion, believing is seeing.

We were made for relationship with God, and relationship with one another.

When you’ve lost everything else, you can’t lose Jesus.

They [the world] can’t see Him, but they can see us.

Baptism is…”an outward profession of an inward decision.”

He took off his robes of royalty and put on the flesh of humanity to die at Calvary.

Believing about Him is religion; believing in Him is redemption.

Today is the day to make a decision that has the power to define your destination.

At the end, everything’s gonna be okay; and if it’s not okay, it’s because it’s not the end yet.

Choose God and you choose light and life. Choose Satan and you choose darkness and death.

Which of Pastor Phil’s quotes resonated most with you?

Want to hear more from Pastor Phil? You can tune in LIVE every Sunday or view the past sermons these quotes were pulled from by visiting livingproof.co/sermons. Click any video with Pastor Phil in the thumbnail. Honestly, there’s never been a sermon I’ve sat through that I haven’t taken notes from him.

Thank you for reading! Jesus loves you.

Photo Credit: Abundant Life LS (Facebook)

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