Where Have I Been?

Thought I was dead, didn’t you?

That’s awfully dramatic, Danny. Well, when it’s been months since a blogger’s last post, they’ve either dropped off the face of the earth or they’re a quitter. I assure you I am not the latter, and I promise I’m not ghostwriting this post…A little writing humor for you there.

Okay, seriously, you want to know?

With both hands over my eyes, Jesus has been guiding me toward a surprise He’s been working on for twenty-eight years. Finally, He’s uncovered my eyes, and I see the plans He has for me. A major career change. A rescue mission. A marriage. A vision for this site. And many other details that don’t quite make sense yet.

The Vision

In the time I was away, I was considering converting my site to a writer’s blog. But every time I opened that browser and saw Jesus defeating the darkness, I felt overwhelmingly compelled to remain Christian-centered. I wouldn’t by any standards classify myself as an expert in Christian theology. But I know when writing and Christianity go head-to-head in my heart, my passion is always greater for Christ than for my trade. The amount of content I want to share about Jesus is unmeasurable.

Years ago, God spoke to me in a dream in broken grammar so I would never forget His calling. He spoke through a stranger at a dollar store and called me by a name only my earthly dad had called me. A name not many of my friends know I legally have. And God said, “You are the bringer of the word of God to the people.” That is why I launched this site in the beginning, and it will be the main source of content on this site as long as there is breath in my lungs.

The Career Change

Since August, I’ve been beta reading as a secondary source of income. Beta reading is a skill I’d acquired as part of the writing community on Twitter. Honing in on my ability to read fast and my knack for thoroughness, I’ve become quite an asset for writers in the final stages before publication. But I always advise others, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” Taking my own advice, I launched a side business on Fiverr. Turns out, not only am I pretty good at this beta reading gig, but I also really love it. So, come spring, I hope to step down in my day job and become a full-time beta reader and copyeditor. Pray for my strength, savings, and success!

The Rescue Mission

I am, as all Christians are, called to lead the lost sheep home. I am actively pursuing my “One” all while sharing the gospel to everyone I meet who will listen, and never giving up on those who are closest to me yet furthest from God. Jesus called us to go make disciples. To multiply the kingdom of God here. Jesus called, and I answered with, “Send me.”

The Marriage

There will be a separate post regarding this one, so keep your eye out for that!

Regardless of where I’ve been, I’m back now. Thank you all so much for staying and supporting! What have you been up to?

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