10 Verses in 10 Days Challenge

Recently, my children and I hosted a 10 Verses in 10 Days challenge where we memorized Scripture to armor up against the tactics of the Devil. As the week progressed, it was impressive to see my kids quoting Scripture to me and applying verses to their daily lives. Leading this challenge strengthened me, too, because every verse I memorized was like a stroke to sharpen the Sword of the Spirit.

How the Challenge Works

  1. Choose 10 verses you want to memorize.

I chose verses that I find myself frequently struggling to quote to my children. You can create a theme between the verses (such as fear, pride, obedience, etc.) or choose verses from one book at a time (Ephesians, Galatians, Romans, and Matthew are some of the first ones I recommend to others). If you’re struggling with a specific sin, pinpoint verses surrounding that specific sin to help you overcome it. I recommend using KJV or NIT formats of the Bible when choosing verses.

  • Bible Study Tools does a great job collecting verses with a common theme, like fear, and compiling them into an easy-to-read list. They also provide the Bible verses in wallpaper form so you can add them to your phone’s home/lock screen or post them to social media giving the verse more visibility throughout your day.
  • Open Bible Info is one of my favorite sites to quickly look up a Bible verse if it’s slipped my mind. Their easy-to-navigate site offers dozens of Bible verses on a specific topic.

2. Post those verses any and everywhere that you frequent throughout the day.

Each day, I would write the verse of the day on my refrigerator message board. At breakfast, my children and I would recite the verse together. Before they would climb on the bus, I would recite the piece of Scripture and ask them to quote the book, chapter and verse it belonged to. I also allowed my daughter to write the verses on her bedroom mirror.

Anywhere and everywhere you can post the verse, do it. The more visibility you give the verse, the more likely you are to stay focused on it, practice it, and thus memorize it.

3. Each day, introduce a new verse.

Do this while practicing the verses you’ve memorized from previous days in the challenge. The point of the challenge isn’t for you to walk away with one verse on the final day, but to walk away with an arsenal of Biblical weapons so when the Devil comes for you, you can stop him in his tracks with, “It is written…”

4: On the 10th day, test yourself.

I typed out the verses in a 2×10 chart, cut them out, and had us match the pieces.

You can create a list of verses and then prompt yourself to write the corresponding books and chapter that match, or vice versa. You can do flashcards. Have a brother or sister in Christ test you. Do memory cards where you flip over index cards trying to match the piece of Scripture to its verse. Whatever test type works best for you!

Why Memorize Scripture?

In Matthew 4, Jesus went into the wilderness and was tempted by the Devil. Jesus conquered temptation that day with three words, “It is written…” Because Jesus knew what God had said, He was able to call out the lies of the Enemy.

In Hosea 4:6, God says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Without knowing the Word of God, we have nothing to compare the voice of the Devil to.

If we want to cut sin out of our lives, we must arm ourselves. Jesus showed us how in Matthew 4, and Hebrews 4:12 tells us the weapon to choose, “For the word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword.”

Verses We Memorized

Join us for the Next #10Versesin10Days Challenge!

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