Did You Know…(Cursed by Cobrador edition)

Cursed by Cobrador used to be Crossed by Cobrador

In October 2018 when I officially became Writer Danny Raye, I launched a blogged book called Crossed by Cobrador. The story was written to establish my voice for the writing community to hear and follow, if interested. My intention with the book was to publish a chapter a week on my blog to gain an audience that would carry over to my debut novel upon publication day.

I hired my Greek artist, Christos Karapanos, to give the blogged book an identity that I owned by illustrating a cover only to be used online. But as soon as I saw the cover and I “met” all of my characters through his realistic art, I knew the book deserved more.

So I had to take all forty-seven chapters of the book and convert them from “blog” to “novel”. I changed the title to suit the spiritual warfare genre, and voila. Cursed by Cobrador was born into a journey toward physical publication.

This origin story is also why the book’s first five chapters will permanently live on my site. It’s sentimental. This website is where the book was born.

Operation Takedown is Real

The drug bust that Danillo organizes to shut down Cobrador’s narcotics empire was based off of an actual drug bust in the same city of Geneva in 2021. Police confiscated $162k in cash, 2 kilos of cocaine, and over 20 pounds of marijuana.

In Cursed by Cobrador, I used the same amount of cocaine and marijuana in my drug bust. I just distributed it based on average amounts and prices sold in Geneva in 2021. And I converted the $162,000 into amounts of heroine, marijuana and cocaine. It took me two days of research and a lot of mathematics to calculate everything evenly, and it only accounted for two chapters worth of content.

I needed the drug bust in the book to be significant enough to substantiate Cobrador’s “kingpin” title, but not unrealistically significant. You can read about the actual drug bust here: Democrat and Chronicle.

Keitaro’s Name is Backward on Purpose

Kim Keitaro is the Korean way of saying Keitaro Kim. In Korea, the surname comes first and the given name comes last. So my character’s first name is Keitaro, and his last name is Kim. I purposely used the Korean order to honor his culture and ethnicity.

As a bonus, this is how you spell “Keitaro” in Korean:

HOW many readers?

Cursed by Cobrador went through four initial beta readers, two professional editors, and another beta read before I was prepared to approach publication. Having so many eyes on the project was less about perfectionism and more about perspective. The original book was tough and to the point. Somewhere along the writing process, the characters took an irrelevant romantic turn, and so I needed hardcore guidance back to the origin of the story: how God rescued Anja. Then it was about smoothing out the transition from what the manuscript had become back to what it was meant to be. After that, it was all about catching plot holes, character flaws, and cosmetic issues.

And here we are today, five beta reads and two professional edits later. Time to publish!

You can read Chapter 1 of Cursed by Cobrador here:

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