Behind the Character: Danillo

Who is Danillo?

Thirty years of experience on the streets of Geneva toughened Danillo into an elite criminal-catcher. As a childless bachelor, Danillo is able to commit his life to justice and prioritize his loyalty to the badge. A little intuition and a lot of street smarts with a skepticism toward religion has gone a long way for Danillo. But in order to close his current case and protect his only witness, Danillo finds himself taking a leap of faith into the unknown.

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Danillo’s Gun: Cali

This badass short-barreled rifle (SBR) is accurate and quiet, perfect for excursions like busting a grow house in Geneva. Because it’s light, it’s easy to maneuver which is great for the detective’s field work, and the smooth firing decreases the risk for issues in combat. Danillo customized the gun himself by shortening the barrel, adding an ATN ultra sight, and naming her Cali (stemming from the state CA found in the gun’s name “ca”94).

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Danillo’s Charger

Danillo’s murdered out Charger is blacker than night and is equipped with all his criminal-catching gear. With a suped V8 engine and an adrenaline-junkie behind the wheel, it’s rare anyone escapes Detective Danillo.

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Danillo and the MC’s of Cursed by Cobrador

Danillo and Keitaro

Detective Danillo has been chasing Cobrador for two years prior to the start of this book. But when he rescues Keitaro from Cobrador’s club The 13th Hour, Danillo gains a new advantage over his adversary. Keitaro develops a plan to take Cobra down and KEEP him down, and Danillo is all for it.

Danillo and Victor

I absolutely love the enemies-to-friends trope, and that’s how these characters turned around. Although to be fair, Danillo and Victor were only enemies to begin with because of Cobrador. Danillo was rooting for Victor the whole time.

Danillo and Anja

Anja is the reason I wrote Danillo as a dad-figure and not the clichéd bruting detective the MC falls in love with. Anja didn’t need a romantic encounter to face her demons. She needed a protector who loved her unfailingly, and so, the other side of my badass detective was born. The tough yet tender side. The defensive side. The “it’s personal” side. And I love that side of Danillo so much.

Danillo and Cobrador

On Danillo’s radar, Cobrador is the ONLY criminal in Geneva. A drug kingpin and murderer with a network of escape routes from the law. Danillo definitely sees the threat. But catching Cobra wasn’t motivated by the drugs and death. It was about Danillo’s vendetta to bring justice to the monster that keeps his daughter’s soul and mind captive. Catching Cobra is about righting a long overdue wrong. And it’s personal.

Thank you for reading!

You can read Chapter 1 of Cursed by Cobrador here to see Danillo in action:

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