Behind the Character: Victor

Who is Victor?

Prior to getting shot in the forehead by his best friend, Victor was the right hand of the all-too-powerful kingpin Cobrador. Too good at heart for violence and murder, Victor was killed for his conscience and unknowingly freed of his bondage to sin. Now a ghost living an afterlife of regrets, Victor wanders in a colorless wasteland obeying the order of his new master, Keitaro.

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Victor’s a Ghost

When creating the profile for ghosts in my writing, I compiled all the knowledge I’d gained while ghost hunting and armed the dead with superpowers.

In Cursed by Cobrador, ghosts are capable of:

1) Teleporting over long distances

2) Self-healing by drawing energy from electronics or their surroundings

3) Asportation/Apportation (making objects disappear or appear out of thin air)

4)Phase through solid objects

5) Tamper with the living

The fact that only mediums and exorcists can see the dead make ghosts like Victor valuable assets to acquire.

Source: Etsy

Victor’s Realm: Purgatory

In Cursed by Cobrador, Purgatory is a realm where soul lingers after death and decide their final destination: Heaven or Hell.

Purgatory in my book is portrayed without God’s grace, so there’s no joy and no color. It’s like a black and white movie with no sense of time or purpose. Purgatory is parallel to the world in which we live, so Victor can see and interact with the living. For Victor, Purgatory is a place of regret and sorrow. 

Source: Beacon Hills

Victor’s Beretta M9

Victor carries a Beretta M9 in each hand and he prefers them in black with burnt bronze edging. These handguns can fire 10-shot groups at a distance of 50 meters with consistency and reliability. Other brands and models need modifications to achieve that kind of accuracy.

Throughout the book, Victor manifests these guns using the energy surrounding his apparition and it’s so cool to see them appear out of thin air before he starts blazing hellfire.

Source: Unknown

De La Ghetto as Victor

Considering Victor’s appearance is based off De La Ghetto’s los chulitos style, it would only be fair to have the man who inspired this character play him. De La Ghetto always proves his acting skills in music videos like “Dices” and “Tokyo”. So why not have him play a badass ghost yielding two bronze and black Berettas?

Victor and Anja

So, I’m not going to tell you that De La Ghetto made this music video to embody my characters, but it just so happens that Perdida looks EXACTLY like Anja and Victor. And this music video released after I told him he was the inspiration for this character, and how Victor longed to be with Anja but couldn’t anymore because he was dead. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Thank you for reading!

You can read Chapter 1 of Cursed by Cobrador here to see Victor in action:

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