Behind the Character: Keitaro

Who is Keitaro?

Kim Keitaro was a private medium until he was kidnapped and cursed by kingpin Cobrador. Medium turned necromancer, Keitaro now possesses the power to control the dead. Rather than obeying the order to enslave Cobrador’s enemies, Keitaro escapes the kingpin and vows to uncross their paths. But commanding souls won’t exorcise the demon in Cobrador, nor will it break the curse that condemns Keitaro to Hell.

Keitaro’s Knife

A four-inch lockback with a stainless steel straight back blade. Keitaro uses this knife against demons, the dead, and the living.

Due to carry laws in the state where he lives, Keitaro must conceal the knife in a secret pocket at the back of his suspenders.

Source: Unknown

The Roquefort

Add some soft jazz, waiters in traditional suits, and divine French cuisine, and you have the restaurant where my character Keitaro works. With TJ and Ramirez in the kitchen, Dylan waiting tables, and Keitaro managing them all, the high-class expectations of fine dining are exceeded. Although Le Coucou (a French restaurant in NYC) didn’t inspire my fictional French restaurant, it’s awfully similar to what I imagined.

Source: Pinterest

Keitaro’s Suits

HUGO BOSS is Keitaro’s preference of suits. They call Keitaro “Boss” for a reason. Well, plenty of reasons, but the first time it happened at work, it was because Keitaro’s employee, TJ, noticed the tag on Keitaro’s dress shirt said HUGO BOSS. TJ had no idea how well the nickname suited Keitaro both on and off the battlefield.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Suits Yu

Suits Yu is a tailor shop owned by Makara Yu, an old, wise Japanese man who Keitaro believes is a fortune teller. To honor Keitaro’s outstanding loyalty to the business, Mr. Makara offers dry-cleaning services and free oracles. More than a tailor to Keitaro, Mr. Makara is also a friend and mentor.

Source: Pinterest

Audi A7

Keitaro is a man of class with a car of equal elegance. The shade of his Audi A7 is navy blue. There’s almost always a garment bag in the backseat with his suit inside. No kids, no pets, and no passengers makes detailing easy. And the headlight/taillight sequence is art.

Keitaro’s Name

Keitaro is American-born but his parents are Korean-born, therefore Keitaro had dual-citizenship between both countries. He grew up in Korea, and while visiting America on his seventeenth birthday, lost his parents in an accident.

I wanted his Korean culture to be present in some part of his character, which is why his name is backwards: Kim Keitaro. His last name comes first, and his first name comes last. And this is how it looks in Korean:

Jinyoung as Keitaro
If Cursed by Cobrador were ever adapted to a movie, Keitaro would have to be played by Korean actor Park Jinyoung.

Come on, they look EXACTLY alike!

When I write, I always have a picture of the character I’m writing aside my word document. Seeing an actual person allows me to visualize emotion and physical features in a realistic way.

Keitaro at The Roquefort

Keitaro manages the nightshift at the French restaurant The Roquefort. But wouldn’t Jinyoung play that oh so well? Add some suspenders in case he needs to kick ass, and you’ve got the perfect roleplay.

Keitaro in his Garden

The most delicate side of my main character Keitaro is the nurturing gardener. His only enemy being winter. His only weakness being the flourishing bouquet of daisies, tulips, hydrangeas, and peonies in his backyard. Jinyoung has a tenderness and romanticism when around nature that would animate Keitaro in his element.

Keitaro in Battle

Keitaro is an experienced street fighter and isn’t easy to take down. When up against Gunner, Thiago and Victor, it took a bullet to slow Keitaro down; and even then, the fight wasn’t over. Keitaro is the fighter they fear, and if there is one mood Park Jinyoung has mastered its savagery. 

Keitaro at the Azer

After escaping kingpin Cobrador, Keitaro checks into room 407 at the Azer Hotel in Geneva. Keitaro knows his house will be marked by Cobra’s guys, and Keitaro needs time to heal before he can fight to reclaim what’s his.

Keitaro at the Funeral

Victor Ortega’s conscience got him killed, but Keitaro turned the tables and saved Victor’s soul. With Victor gone, Keitaro mourns the only real friend he ever had. Necromancy or not, Victor was Keitaro’s partner to the end.

Jinyoung as Keitaro

This picture was the one I always had up of Keitaro while I wrote non-combatant scenes. I think the softness of Jinyoung’s eyes expresses reserved kindness, but the rest of his body language expresses dominance. This blend of emotion perfectly describes Keitaro’s dual personality, and this photo kept me on track while writing his character.

Jinyoung as Keitaro

This picture of Jinyoung is one I keep up while writing action scenes with Keitaro and Anja. I always picture Keitaro kneeling before her, both of them beat up from an ensuing battle, and they feed off of each other’s strength to finish the fight.

Keitaro’s Playlist

A playlist composed of all the songs that I jammed to while writing Keitaro’s action scenes.

Check it out on YouTube!

Thank you so much for reading!

You can read Chapter 1 of Cursed by Cobrador to see this character in action!

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