Behind the Character: Anja

Who is Anja?

Anja Gärtner cleanses abandoned houses of rogue spirits and fallen angels to prepare for the exorcism that will grant her freedom of fear. Fear of her narcissistic ex-boyfriend Sal and the demon Helizar that possesses him. But will experience be enough to deliver her from her enemies? Can anyone defeat the Evil One without divine intervention?

Copyright © 2022 Danny Raye. All Rights Reserved.

Anja’s Job

Anja works at an antique shop called Boones and Bishara, named after the two stubborn Irish owners. Mr. Boones and Mr. Bishara are always bickering over something seemingly simple, and Anja finds it quite comedic. Valuable antiques are pushed through this tiny shop. Anja loves spending her days with the history of these belongings and the vintage vibes make her feel at home.

Lots of locations in Cursed by Cobrador are actual places in real life. For instance, Boones and Bishara is a real vintage shop called Morgan Laurent located in the city where Anja lives. I wanted to create a real place in a real world to root these characters in something visceral. Because majority of the book consists of the supernatural, it’s grounding to have these hints of reality throughout.

Anja’s Favorite Flower

Not only are they Anja’s favorite flower, but they’re clues to the secrets within the book.

Anja and Jesus

The true story that inspired Cursed by Cobrador wouldn’t be complete without Jesus. After all, it was Jesus who saved me from my demons. Jesus who taught me what love is, and how to love myself. It was Jesus I ran to when panic overwhelmed me. Jesus whose words freed me and quite literally saved my life.

In her dreams, Anja is visited by Jesus on the hilltop where prophecies are revealed to her. If she remembers the dream when she wakes, it always comes to pass.

Anja and Dante

Dante is a jolly lumberjack-haired realtor with a contagious, gut-busting laugh and an optimistic vision for Anja’s future. After seeing firsthand, the abuse Anja suffered by her ex-boyfriend, Dante vowed to support Anja along her path to emotional, mental, and spiritual recovery. When she’s down, Dante cheers her up with bear hugs and well-cooked meals. And to prepare her for the ultimate liberation of her life-exorcising the demon of her past-Dante opens up his haunted rental properties for Anja to cleanse as practice. Dante is a loving man who wants nothing more than to see his best friend freed from oppression.

Anja and Dante are a vital team throughout Cursed by Cobrador. Anja is a warrior and Dante is her shield. These roommates share everything and go everywhere together. You’ll love Dante and his selfless drive to be there for Anja. And if you stay until the end of the book, you’ll find out what he’s been hiding

Dante’s role in Anja’s life is based off of a real person who helped free me from my demons.

Thank you for reading!

You can read Chapter 1 of Cursed by Cobrador here:

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