Well Done, Daughter

All my life, I’ve lacked two words every daughter needs to hear from her dad: “Well done.” After I became first chair in orchestra for my leadership skills, no dad ever said it. After I birthed two children, no dad ever said it. After I survived my marriage, no dad ever said it. After I wrote a book while raising two kids and working full time, no dad ever said it.

But two days ago, that all changed. Before the winter storm hit, I stopped by the supermarket for bread, milk, and tea. It was early in the morning, and the bread man was stocking the shelves when I approached for a loaf. After taking a sleeve of Sara Lee from the bread man’s beautiful display, I stopped by him on my way out of the aisle and told him what I always tell employees who are stocking while I’m shopping, “Thank you, sir. This display looks wonderful!” It took him a literal minute to process what I had just said before he thanked me as I walked off.

But it was what happened as I walked away that changed my life forever.

God told me the words I’d been waiting twenty-eight years to hear: “Well done, Daughter.” Jesus followed me out of that aisle, and from my feet to my scalp I felt a wholesome tingle overwhelm me to joyful tears. And without explanation, I knew that was the moment I’d been craving my whole life. I smiled a smile I’ve never smiled before, and I wept right there in the supermarket, and it might have only lasted a moment, but it was the best moment of my life.

To think, an act that simple could be worthy of God’s delight. I always thought God would only be delighted in me for some miraculous work of faith. Something grand like what Moses did. Or a change of heart like Jonah. Or for turning a lost sheep to the Cross like Jesus had done. But it was far simpler than that: God was delighted in me for the kindness I had shown to a stranger.

I’ll never forget how it felt hearing those words from God, like I was bursting with golden light in the middle of the supermarket. How I FELT Jesus Christ walking behind me with eyes full of fondness, His hand on my shoulder, my glorious tears overflowing. I’ll never forget how in that simple act of love that I showed another, God fulfilled the hunger I’d had for over two decades.

God is the best Father a daughter could ask for. Yet again His love had cured the yearning of my heart and soul. I am at peace. I have experienced those three words from the only Father I’ve ever needed to hear them from.

Well done, Daughter.

“A father to the fatherless…is God in His holy habitation.”

Psalm 68:5

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