21 Days to Sexual Purity by: Deon O. Thomas


21 Days To Sexual Purity is a Biblical devotional that will empower you to live a sexually pure life before God. It is not a book that simply tells you to be pure; instead, it shows you in a very practical way the necessary steps that must be taken in order to live a sexually pure life. What makes this devotional really special are the included challenges. Each day there is something very practical for you to do that will help you to grow in your purity. As you DO the challenges, you will see yourself mature more and more in sexual purity. If you are dissatisfied with an impure lifestyle and want Biblical help to walk before The Lord in purity, then do yourself a favor and start applying the principles included in this devotional.


If your mind and body are ruled by fleshly desires, this Scripture-centered book will guide you from lust to purity. Full of Biblical verses to bring your mind into obedience, a prayer at the end of each chapter to maintain diligence, and a journal section for your thoughts, this book offers more than just information; it offers opportunity to take action toward salvation.

What I Loved

  • I think by far my favorite part of the book was Thomas’ voice. He speaks not from an elevated position of authority where he’s condescending toward sexual sinners, but from a level of understanding of the sin of flesh. That level of understanding allows him to reach through to those struggling with sexual impurity without them feeling guilty, ashamed, or embarrassed.
  • Each chapter started with Scripture that perfectly applied to the sexual aspect of spiritual warfare. They weren’t random Bible verses thrown in, they were specific to unholy actions committed by an impure soul.
  • When I originally received the book, I remember thinking it was incredibly tiny for a self-help book. After reading the first three chapters, I realized the size was perfect. The novel is simple and concise. Thomas shows us what God says, explains how to apply that to our lives and our way of thinking, offers a prayer, and moves on to the next lesson. And nothing more than that needs to be said.
  • The prayers weren’t ramblings. Often times in devotionals, the prayers will be so on the nose they feel superficial. Thomas’ prayers have heart, and they apply what we’ve learned in the chapter. My favorite prayer was Day 2:

“Heavenly Father, I turn to you today. I turn away from wallowing in guilt and shame and sin and I turn to You, my Lord and savior. Father, forgive me for exalting my failures over your power to forgive and restore me. Today, I repent of my sins and I ask you to wash me in your precious blood. Cleanse me from the stain of my sins and fill me with a deep and passionate love for you. Give me the strength today to walk in the love I have for you and to turn away from that which displeases you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

My Least Favorite Part

I wish the book offered challenges instead of a journal section. Because we have the prayer at the end of each chapter, I feel like what’s written in the journal should instead be spoken to God.

If instead, Thomas had offered daily challenges that allow us to apply what we’ve learned in that chapter, I think we would put our newly attained knowledge into action and learned the positive reinforcement of obeying God’s Word. It would have brought the lesson full circle. For example, on Day 18: Watch Your Words, Thomas could have offered a tally mark challenge and for each time throughout the day we spoke unclean, we’d draw a tally. Not only would that make us aware of what’s coming out of our mouth, but no tally marks is an incentive for Christlike behavior.

Favorite Lines From the Author

  • “One of the most amazing things about the word of God is that it can be used as a weapon.” (page 28)
  • “As long as what we want is more important to us than what God wants for us, we will always please ourselves instead of Him. Pleasing God should be our only desire.” (page 71)
  • “It is only as we grow in the fear of God that we will find the idea of sinning against the Lord increasingly repulsive.” (page 83)

All of us struggle with sexual impurity, especially in this day and age when sex is so available. Do not conform to the ways of the world. Instead, let this book re-center you on the path toward Christ. Keep your eyes on the Lord, and give not into temptation.

Thank you for reading! Buy the book with the link below!

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