For the Love of Michael Myers

Do I have a crush on Michael Myers? If you know me even a little, you’ll know he is my ultimate man crush. But Danny, you know he’s…a…psychopathic murderer, right? Let me explain.

Michael Myers’ mask is not a mask, it’s his identity. Sure the design was based off of William Shatner’s facial structure, but you don’t see William Shatner when you see that pale face and those black eyes. You see Michael and only ever Michael Myers. It’s his face, so to speak. And to me, his face is attractive. The same way a celebrity’s face is attractive, or your childhood crush’s face is attractive, Michael’s face is attractive to me.

What really sold Michael to me, though, was his mechanic jumpsuit. Women love a man in uniform. Well, that saying’s not entirely wrong because seeing a nice, broad-shouldered body in that navy blue jumpsuit wearing Michael’s mask is PRIME.

Yes, Michael Myers IS a psychotic murderer. No, I as a Christian do not approve of his wicked ways, I don’t support his killing sprees in the movies, I even closed my eyes for a second during Halloween (2018) because that bathroom kill scene was just a wee bit too brutal. I don’t root for Michael in the movies, and I don’t think he’s cool for killing people.

The reason I, as a Christian, am a fan of the Halloween franchise is because Michael is not only a realistic villain, but a perfect example of Satan himself. That doesn’t mean I celebrate Satan because I love Michael Myers, it means that I appreciate a villain done right. People are more comfortable with a villain that has a soft side, a side you can reason with, and we LOVE the enemies to lovers trope. Finding villains that are actually villains is difficult. But when they do exist, the proof that God overcomes that evil becomes a joyous story to tell. So when Michael is defeated in Halloween Ends (that’s my prediction, by the way), it’ll be yet again because good overcame evil which is the perfect depiction of God’s promise that evil dies and wicked men fall.

So no, I’m not in love with Michael Myers because he’s a slasher. I don’t idolize him as a murderer with all the merch I have of him. Michael is the image of Halloween, and through him I show my support for the well-made film franchise. I don’t watch the movies to see Michael win and kill all of Haddonfield. I just think he’s hot in that jumpsuit and mask.

What do you think of Michael Myers? Are you a fan of the Halloween films?

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