The Unwanted Guests by: Marios Eracleous


The party for the book launch was meant to be dowsed in sophistication, no one expected it to be soaked in blood…

Edward Sampson is thrilled to be hosting his esteemed friends and colleagues at his newly inherited mansion. The grandeur and the excitement fitting for his novel release. But there is something troubling Lupin, the house’s loyal and devoted butler.

An uneasiness fills the air like the stench filling Edwards’s lungs. As the invited guests arrive for the celebration. He was never prepared for the unwanted…

An action-packed ebook full of transformations and incantations that will have you turning the pages until the very end. For fans of Werewolves, Shapeshifters, Myths, and Paranormal Fantasy. Anyone who enjoys scary stories will love this.

Confusion-Packed Read

I bought this book to read, review, and support self-published author Marios, so I never read the blurb until just now. Finally, I understand WHY the character Edward in the book was throwing the party in the first place. Either I misread it or it just wasn’t in there, because I thought the whole point of the invited guests coming was for a weekend of relaxation with a colleague they’d been adventuring with for the last little while. I had no idea until now that the party was to celebrate a book launch that doesn’t even happen until page 75 (in the last chapter).

This novel was filled with confusing moments. Here are just a few examples:

  • “He wiped his feet on the doormat, took off his duffel coat and hung it on the coat stand by the door, then combed them through his hair left long across the top.” (page 6)
    • My response: uhhhh, what?
  • In Chapter 3, after Edward and Luna see the alpha, Edward follows Lupin into the study and suddenly shouts “Stop!” but…why?? Lupin only laid a book on Edward’s desk. And then they abruptly decide to go to bed? What in tarnation?

Most of what confused me was the mere lack of logic the characters exhibited in these life-or-death situations. Why would Edward risk hunting for werewolves by himself in the middle of a snow storm? Why were they often going to bed after something traumatic or endangering happens?

Overall Okay Flash Fiction

I originally typed “good” instead of “okay” in the title of this segment but I couldn’t leave it, it just didn’t feel honest. Listen, I’m not ever the type to straight up bash a book. If it’s really that bad, I won’t leave a review at all. As a piece of flash fiction, this book was an okay read. It had its moments of suspense and introduced us to the villain through heart-throbbing action in chapter one. An easy read if you’re in the mood for a werewolf bedtime story.

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