The Gospel According to Satan by: Jared C. Wilson

If you’re a practicing Christian and you live by cliched sentiments such as YOLO or “let go and let God”, you’re not gonna like this book. Wilson’s bold-faced slap of truth will be hard for some Christians to tolerate, even harder for some to apply, but only hard for those not genuinely seeking Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Wilson’s voice throughout this book is like your conscience when you’re tempted deeply. You don’t want to hear your conscience warn you about the sin you desire, or hear your conscience confront the sins you’ve already made. But you NEED to. You want the comforting “fortune cookie” messages of Instagram evangelists because they make you feel good and complacent. But you NEED the disciplinary strength of Wilson’s voice because he demands you change for the sake of your own eternity. He demands that you see not only the worship of self we’ve all come to live by, but that you abandon it altogether.

“The diminishing of God and the exaltation of man are satanic lies…” (page 166)

See, and it’s that “demanding” part y’all are going to struggle with because stagnant believers don’t like being told to change. They’ve been “worshiping” the same way for so long without consequence. Punishment comes after the crime, though, so you won’t experience judgment in life only after death when it’s too late to change. God-fearing Christians know this. Self-worshiping Christians pretend they don’t.

Now, unlike other “self-help” religious books that do a lot of opinionated talking without much mention of the Bible, Wilson quotes a piece of Scripture for every point he makes throughout this book. He’s not trying to persuade you to believe what he believes. He’s pointing back at the Word of God and saying, “This is what God says. This is what you should be doing, y’all.”

I absolutely loved this book. Loved that Wilson didn’t sugarcoat anything. Loved that he blatantly called Satan out, so many people are afraid to do that. Not because they’re afraid of the devil, but because they’re afraid of how much talking about him sounds like they’re talking about themselves. Wilson did an excellent job exposing Satan’s tactic of indulging our self-worship, and combating it with Biblical truths so we’re aware of and armed against the devil’s wiles.

“What Satan continues to do today is what he originally did in the garden: substituting a version of rival facts in place of the real thing. Every sinful decision you and I make begins with the satanic question, ‘Did God really say…?'” (page 53)

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