Villains of Cursed by Cobrador

Artwork by Christos Karapanos. All images are copywritten material and may not be shared without permission from the owner.

Helizar (Demon)

The manifestation of doubt incarnate. Helizar is the demon Anja faces. The demon who holds her captive to her past, paralyzing her with memories of her narcissistic ex-boyfriend, infecting her with fear and weakness. He descends from above and drops all his weight on her, pinning her to the ground with his talon as her ex-boyfriend’s taunting voice crawls out of Helizar’s mouth. Torturing her slowly with false promises. Threatening her with venomous fury. Promising that she’ll never beat him because Salvador Rodriguez’s strength is not his own: it’s Helizar’s.

The Sorority Sisters (Demonic Entities)

Occultists in life, damned to Hell after death, and summoned back to Earth to serve the demon Dominus, the Sorority Sisters bleed the Eternal Flame and respawn to fight again when liberated by the Holy Spirit. The only way to cast them back to Hell is to exorcise the evil one who evoked them in spirit: the demon of the dead, Dominus.

Dominus Mortis (Demon)

Dominus Mortis is Latin for “Master of Death”, and the demon himself possesses the power to enslave and command all deceased souls. In Hell, Dominus welcomes sinners into the Eternal Flame; on Earth, he summons souls from the pit to serve him. Dominus’ curse to the living is the ability to mimic his power through necromancy, but all those who bear his mark are prisoners to him and eternal damnation. By evocation, Dominus has possessed the club owner of Black Magic and assembled an army of dead satanists to raise Hell.

Eidolon (Demonic Entity)

Summoned from Hell to serve Dominus on Earth, Eidolon is composed of hellfire and ferocious rage. Eidolon himself is only visible when the sheet cloaks him; otherwise, he is invisible even to mediums and exorcists. They can only see the sheet, which Eidolon uses to cocoon and suffocate his opponents. Eidolon is introduced through a victim whose chest he ripped open with his bare hands. A vicious villain that only Anja can face. Like the Sorority Sisters, Eidolon can only be sent back to Hell by exorcising the demon who brought him up in the first place: Dominus.

Bonus: Dominus’ Barrier

Demon Dominus uses this barrier to prevent the dead from entering/exiting a place. The barrier is invisible to the naked eye until a soul collides with it. Then the barrier explodes to color, becoming visible for the first time, and shoots bolts around the entire property.

The barrier always appears to have been clawed onto surfaces (glass, brick, plaster) and exposes magma from Hell.

When a ghost attempts to cross the barrier, the ghost’s apparition reacts as flesh does to an electric fence. The ghost’s entire electromagnetic composition distills in chaos and they are sparked by pain.

What do you think? Cool or what? Villains are my absolute favorite characters to write because I write them truly villainous: lacking humanity, totally savage, fights are always brutal and raw and bloody. And for some villains (like Helizar) it’s more about the mental/spiritual torture than the physical.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

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