Fighting Tactics of Cursed by Cobrador

Keitaro’s Street Fighting

I wanted a realistic fighting method that wasn’t directly related to Asian culture as Keitaro’s technique would have been gained through trial and error not heritage. Lex Fitness and Hazard Harvey taught me SO much in their street fighting series, giving me a variety of approaches and escape tactics to use. And as always, thanks to Lex for taking those hits to prove their potency and efficiency.

Beat the Bullet

When Keitaro faces off with kingpin Cobrador, it’s pocket knife versus handgun, and I needed to know how realistic it would be for the outcome I wanted. How Keitaro’s reflexes would measure against the bullet’s velocity, which evasive tactic would be most practical, and what the wound would look like when the bullet grazed/penetrated Keitaro. This YouTube demonstration of disarms was SO helpful! Not only was it badass to watch this guy try to disarm a gunman, but to see the exact moves I wanted to incorporate in my writing felt like the video had been made personally for me. So, will Keitaro beat the bullet?

Anja’s Self-Defense

Anja being a woman going up against men that are naturally stronger than her means she must know how to evade being pinned down. After watching Aja Dang’s video on self-defense, I knew exactly how to write her escaping Gunner and breaking away from Sal.

Anja’s Puncture Points

A single puncture to one of these arteries could be critical. Punctures in several of these places could be fatal. Anja has all the right places memorized. Throughout the book, she uses her push dagger necklace to weaken spirits and to hinder her adversaries by swiftly stabbing them in these arteries.

Pressure Points

Anja’s main tactic when fighting stronger opponents is to evade, but when that isn’t an option she resorts to pressure point strikes and knockouts. Jabbing a pressure point will render the opponent temporarily useless. Anja uses the time to escape or wound her adversary while they’re weakened to her strength. The videos I learned from are both entertaining and effective. Think slapping a man on the head and swiping his chin won’t knock him out? Watch it work in the video linked on the left picture.

What do you think? Are my characters of Cursed by Cobrador armed or what?

Artwork by Christos Karapanos. Copyright 2021 Danny Raye.

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