Weapons of Cursed by Cobrador

Keitaro’s Knife

Since OTF knives are illegal in the state where Keitaro lives, I had to go simpler with a standard pocket knife. A four-inch lockback with a stainless steel straight back blade. Keitaro uses this knife against demons, the dead, and the living.

Due to carry laws, Keitaro must conceal the knife in a secret pocket sewn into the back of his suspenders.

Source unknown

Anja’s Push Dagger

The cross of her necklace represents her faith in God, and when Keitaro asks why she wears the necklace all the time, Anja replies, “For protection against the Evil One.” No one knows that her necklace detaches from the bottom to become a push dagger.

Anja’s Sword

Anja’s sword is forged by the Holy Spirit. When she (and she alone) grips the handle, the Spirit activates and she can battle the demonic. The Sword of the Spirit is the word of God but for visual comprehension I transformed the Spirit into a physical weapon to show how the Holy Spirit arms us AND how the demonic fear it. Shaun (Anja’s pastor) calls it, “A physical manifestation of an exorcism.” The sword, powered by her faith, is how Anja faces her demons.

Victor’s Beretta M9s

Victor carries a Beretta in each hand and he prefers them in black with burnt bronze edging. These handguns can fire 10-shot groups at a distance of 50 meters with consistency and reliability. Other brands and models need modifications to achieve that kind of accuracy.

Danillo’s Coharie ca94

This badass short-barreled rifle (SBR) is accurate and quiet, perfect for excursions like busting a grow house in Geneva. Because it’s light, it’s easy to maneuver which is great for the detective’s field work, and the smooth firing decreases the risk for issues in combat. Danillo customized the gun himself by shortening the barrel, adding an ATN ultra sight, and naming her Cali (stemming from the state CA found in the gun’s name “ca”94).

Source unknown

Dominus’ Butterfly Knife

When looking for the demon Dominus, follow the trail of suicides. Slitting throats before he escapes his host is his trademark, and he does it with this knife. The white blade is intentional to induce fear in his opponent by showing them their own blood in battle. The demon is a master marksman with this knife, and hearing the swishing of the butterfly knife opening and closing means bloodshed is near.

Source Unknown

Which weapon would you fight with?

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