Anja’s House

For a reason entirely unknown to me, Anja was destined to live in a townhouse. In Cursed by Cobrador, she moved out of her place with her narcissistic ex-boyfriend and moved into her landlord’s townhouse. Roommate Dante Vittorio gave Anja expressive freedom to decorate the house with all her vintage antiques and angelic relics. And thanks to I can show you what I had in mind…

Living Room

Anja fights Helizar here, preps for her date with Keitaro here, and the exorcism of Cobrador is planned here.

Dining Room

Anja always takes the bench and Dante belongs at the head of the table. Many meals are shared here throughout the course of the book: some with blood and tears, others with to-go food from Jack’s Diner, most with laughter.


One icon piece in the kitchen is the little Italian chef, Pierre, statue holding the chalkboard where Anja and Dante write each other reminders. As everything changes in the end, that last “I love you” written on the board matters so much.

Anja is a collector of teacups hand-painted with the art of angels, as she’s a fan of all things celestial. Red cabinetry with fogged glass showcase floral-printed dishes and her cherry-printed apron hangs beside the fridge. On the windowsill, she has an angel vase holding her favorite flower: a white daisy.


In the actual house in Staten Island, this is the layout. But in Anja’s house in Geneva, I picture the guest bedroom on the right side of the bathroom. The other bedroom is Dante’s room, and the room at the top of the staircase (which is out of this picture) is Anja’s.

Anja’s Bedroom

In her dreams, Anja meets Jesus on the hilltop where prophesies of the future are divulged unto her. Other times Anja is visited here by the ghost of Victor Ortega. While not a single fight occurs in this bedroom over the course of the book, many nights of recovering from fights do.


While this isn’t the bathroom that’s actually in the house, it’s the bathroom I pictured in Anja’s house. Glass shower on the right. Double sink on the left. Window at the back but no bathtub.


Up these stairs and to the right is the deck overlooking a small backyard. The deck where Anja first encounters Victor’s ghost in a screaming fit of terror, knowing what him being there means. Him being there, and him being so cold.

Anja’s townhouse sees the five main characters (Anja, Keitaro, Victor, Danillo, and Dante) last before the end comes and takes two of them away forever.


Read more about Anja and the townhouse she shares with Dante in my upcoming spiritual warfare book Cursed by Cobrador.

Disclaimer: All blueprint photos in this post are credited to The décor photos I found on Pinterest years ago when I first started writing the book, and I never logged sources because I never thought I’d be sharing them. If you know the owner of the picture, let me know and I’ll happily credit them!

Thank you for reading!

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