Keitaro’s House

Remember that Glade commercial where the girl walks into a house overrun by flowers? That commercial inspired the floral décor of Keitaro’s house. As the source of multiple fights in Cursed by Cobrador (including a showdown between Anja and Helizar), establishing blueprints was a MUST to maintain consistency throughout the story. Zillow provided high-quality pictures of the house at 145 Genesee Street: the house Keitaro calls home.

Dining Room

Secrets are divulged over breakfast and, on a separate occasion, the battle for freedom is fought before dinner.


Living Room

The Lilac Room

Main Staircase

Master Bedroom

At night, Keitaro lies in bed stargazing through the skylight until he dozes off.


After the explosion at Black Magic, Keitaro and Anja freshen up here. From the window, one has a lovely view of Genesee Street outside.


After Keitaro’s parents died when he was seventeen, he became an orphan in a foreign land and was taken in by billionaire gardener Matthew Wilmington. At the Wilmington Estate, Keitaro learned from the best and has since flourished a garden of his own at home. A garden that would make Mr. Wilmington proud.

Keitaro lives in the vintage city of Auburn, nested in a neighborhood with a demographic of senior citizens who respect his lifestyle of privacy. He bought the house right out of the gate of turning eighteen, and plans to spend the rest of his life there.

Read about Keitaro and his house in my upcoming spiritual warfare book Cursed by Cobrador.

Artwork by Christos Karapanos. Copyright © 2021 Danny Raye.

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