2007: Peek-a-Boo

What is it about little girl ghosts that’s so eerie to us? Their sing-song voices sound like ominous chanting of spells. Their playing with trigger objects makes every doll, rocking horse, or bouncy ball seem possessed. Their laughter seems like evil taunting. Their apparitions seem like disguises for evil. Perhaps it’s the thought: You’re dead, and you’re not supposed to be there. Or possibly, it’s more sinister: You’re not really a little girl at all.

Growing up I never befriended the little girl ghosts like children often do with “imaginary friends”. Perhaps my instincts knew better than to trust little dead girls who jumped rope in the house and played peek-a-boo outside my room.

Danny Raye

I can feel things now. I used to only see them or hear them, but now I can feel everything. When ghosts used to get close, I could feel their energy shocking my skin. Now I can tell when they’re coming, even if we’re in different parts of the house.

And it’s not just dead people. I can sense the energy of my family and friends, too. I can tell when they’re moving from one room to another or when they leave the house. When I first found out, it was because I could tell when the TV had been turned on in another room of the house. Then I started feeling my family’s energy moving, so I decided to test myself. With my eyes closed, Sara and I would sit across from each other. She would move and ask me to reach out to where she was. I only messed up twice out of the ten times we played that game.

I can feel them right now. I’m at my desk in my room. I wanted to move my room around so I put my desk by the window. That way I could see the whole room again without giving the ghosts a chance to sneak up on me.

As I’m sitting here at my desk typing, I sensed that my sisters are downstairs far away in the Woodroom with Ari. I can also sense that someone is in the hallway just outside my door. That’s why I haven’t stopped staring since I felt them show up. It isn’t my mom. It’s only nine pm, so she’s still at work for another hour. And it’s not Sal, he isn’t even home.

I was waiting like I was waiting for that man that walked into the kitchen. Waiting for whatever monster it was to come around the corner. I was waiting for whoever was out there to make their move. Usually when their energy gets really strong like this, they use it to show themselves to me or to move something or say something to me. I wondered what it would be this time.


Little girl.




I froze behind my desk. This time, not because I was scared but because I couldn’t believe what I just saw. This little girl was playing peek-a-boo. She crawled out on her hands and knees. I could only see the top half of her body, but she was wearing a white nightgown and she had brown hair. She was white form head to toe, but I knew these things about her. I didn’t know how I knew them just that I did. I knew she was really little too. Smaller than Ari kind of little.

I sat there with my hands hanging above my keyboard. Her energy hadn’t moved. She was still there. Was she gonna do it again? Please don’t…Please…


Fast as she could she was crawling out and I could hear her knees and hands hitting the floor when she did. She smiled again, bigger this time and then crawled back with more boom-boom-booms from her hands and knees. She was still there in the hall. I wondered if anyone in my family came up right, would they see her playing games with me? Would they be scared of her?

Again. There she is again. Boom-boom-boom-boom. I almost didn’t see her that time.

Now she was gone. Her energy just disappeared.

For the first time in five minutes, I blinked and my eyes hurt. With shaking hands, I brought my red spiral notebook out and wrote down everything I could remember about what happened. I didn’t want to forget a single detail for when Mom got home.

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