2007: Bilocation

Bilocation is a phenomenon where one person appears to be in two places concurrently. Their bodies are tangible, their physicality in tact down to the final detail. It’s as if they’re entirely there in body and spirit even though they are not. Some speculate bilocation occurs as a separation of body and spirit: the body is one place and the spirit another. In my experience, it’s less an out-of-body experience and more that an entity is impersonating the living.

When seeing the double, a part of you deep within the subconscious warns you that something’s wrong with this person being here; but to the eye, the person is so realistic there’s no doubt. When in fact, you come to find out that it’s impossible for that person to have done the act you saw them commit, that’s when that little tug of fear becomes a yanking motion pulling the curtain off the truth. It wasn’t my mom there that day. And if I had turned her over, if I had just seen her face as she was lying next to me, I would have known it.

Danny Raye

When I woke up, I was in the middle of the bed. Mom was to my left, sleeping on her side. I wondered if she ever slept in any other position. Sara was on my right on her back, her legs sprawled all over the bed, half of her on my pillow. Bed hogger.

The bed was warm, and I didn’t want to get up. It was Saturday, so technically I didn’t have to. But I knew since I didn’t get my chapters done last night with the hooded figures that I should wake up early to work on it today.

I wondered what time it was. It was still kind of dark outside, just a little bit of sunlight was coming through the window that overlooked the deck. It felt like school time. But that couldn’t be right because Mom had to be at work at six am. She was never late. I sat up and looked at the clock. It was 6:18 am. Weird. Mom didn’t get weekends off. Maybe she called in because she was sick.

Wonder if I should wake her and ask her about going to work? No. If she didn’t go in because she’s sick, I didn’t want to stop her from getting rest. Maybe she left a note by the kitchen sink about when to wake her up. Maybe she just went into work later.

I used the restroom in Mom’s bathroom and as I came out, Mom was still lying in bed. She was a light sleeper and she hadn’t woken up feeling me get out of bed. That was weird too. Something just didn’t feel right about this. Mom was supposed to be at work. She’s a manager at a warehouse store, and she’s had the same schedule since we started seventh grade. So why did that change today?

I went downstairs to check for a note. The kitchen was empty. The house was quiet. No one else was awake. Something was still wrong. I went to the window to check if the van was still here. Sal’s red Cavalier was in the driveway, but the van was gone.

Mom was gone.

Mom was at work.

Mom wasn’t home.

So who was in our bed!

I ran back upstairs as fast as I could because whoever was upstairs in that bed was up there with Sara. When I got to the bedroom door, the person was gone. It was only Sara sleeping in the bed. I checked the bathroom just to be sure, but it was empty.

Who did I see sleeping next to me? It was my mom, I swear it was!

I wanted to cry until I couldn’t see, and I wanted it to stay that way. I didn’t want to see dead people anymore. Especially not if they were going to start looking like my family. How would I know who is the real one?

Thanks for reading!

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