Cast of Cursed by Cobrador

The cast of my upcoming publication! When I write, these are the faces similar to the ones I imagine in my head.

Anja Gärtner

Anja is a spiritual warrior for God. Armed with the Sword of the Spirit, Anja cleanses houses of evil spirits and demons in preparation for exorcising her narcissistic ex-boyfriend, Salvador. Her weaponized faith makes her unconquerable, and her allies are God-given.

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(Musician: Taylor Swift)

Kim Keitaro

Before he was kidnapped and cursed by kingpin Cobrador, Keitaro was just a manager at the French restaurant The Roquefort. Keitaro believes in privacy above all else and has secluded himself to protect others from his secrets. A humble man of simplistic nature, Keitaro prefers to tend to his home garden than to engage in battle with spirits and demons. But when the battle chooses him, Keitaro rises to the occasion and vows to wipe out not only the man who started it, but the entire empire that man stands on as well.

Photo Credit: IMJAEBUMAF on Tumblr

(Singer/Actor: Park Jinyoung of GOT7)

Victor Ortega

Prior to getting shot in the forehead by his best friend, Victor was the right hand of the all-too-powerful kingpin Cobrador. Too good at heart for violence and murder, Victor was killed for his conscience and unknowingly freed of his bondage to sin. Now a ghost living an afterlife of regrets, Victor wanders in a colorless wasteland obeying the order of his new master, Keitaro.

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(Rapper: De La Ghetto)

Detective Danillo

Thirty years of experience on the streets of Geneva toughened Danillo into an elite criminal-catcher. As a childless bachelor, Danillo is able to commit his life to justice and prioritize his loyalty to the badge. A little intuition and a lot of street smarts with a skepticism toward religion has gone a long way for Danillo. But in order to close his current case and protect his only witness, Danillo finds himself taking a leap of faith into the unknown.

Photo Credit: Queen Brooke Davis Tumblr

(Actor: Frank Grillo)


Cobrador in Spanish means debt collector, and everybody owes him. Collector of trophies of his crimes and blood signatures in a book of debts, Cobrador poses as a merciless businessman. A powerful kingpin feared for his aloofness to law enforcement and his savage brutality toward his enemies. Running drugs and girls out of his nightclub The 13th Hour is a disguise for the drugs Cobrador pushes on the streets, and even that is a front. Cobrador’s ultimate motive is to destroy all of Geneva by degradation to satisfy the demon possessing him.

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(Rapper: Anuel AA)

Dante Vittorio

A jolly lumberjack-haired realtor with a contagious, gut-busting laugh and an optimistic vision for Anja’s future. After seeing firsthand the abuse Anja suffered by her ex-boyfriend, Dante vowed to support Anja along her path to emotional, mental and spiritual recovery. When she’s down, Dante cheers her up with bear hugs and well-cooked meals. And to prepare her for the ultimate liberation of her life—exorcising the demon of her past—Dante opens up his haunted rental properties for Anja to cleanse as practice. A loving man who wants nothing more than to see his best friend freed from oppression.

Photo Credit: Big Jiggly Panda

(YouTuber: Big Jiggly Panda)


Gunner’s name originated from his marksmanship. Any and all guns; he shoots, he kills. As record keeper for Cobrador, Gunner handles all the security camera footage for The 13th Hour and often plays back murders caught on camera as foreplay before he invites prostitutes to his room. A sexual sadist with a sick fetish for pleasure and pain, Gunner fantasizes the torture and taste of Anja from the moment he meets her.

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(Actor: Jeffrey Donovan)


Loyal to Cobrador for personal gain alone, Thiago obeys the chain of command to sustain his access to drugs and power. A beast businessman who runs a disciplined division of Cobrador’s drug cartel and executes an efficient schedule when pushing drugs, Thiago is an asset. Without skills like Gunner’s, or power like the possessed kingpin however, Thiago is the easiest of Cobrador’s empire to take out. Until he gets promoted.

Photo Credit: Could not find original source

(Actor: Kevin Alejandro)

How much fun was this to write! Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments if these faces match the characters, and if not, who would you suggest instead?

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