Top 3 YouTube Ghost Channels

Friday nights since I was a little girl were reserved for family movie nights. All five of us would gather in the living room with Blockbuster rentals with bowls full of popcorn and laps full of dollar snacks. Now that we’re all grown up, my siblings are indifferent to the tradition so it’s solely me, my mom, and my two children to carry it on! We try to balance comedy and horror, but majority of the time the kids end up watching Disney+ on the tablet while my mom and I get amped up to watch one of the three channels from the list below. PS. I put my favorite on top.

Franko TV

If you’re looking to explore abandoned buildings and haunted hot spots, Frank’s got you covered! Capturing some of the most chilling evidence to date—like at the Hales Bar Dam and Pennhurst Asylum—Frank inspires us to visit these locations for ourselves. Of course, after watching what he captured, we know we’re definitely not going alone.

Frank, on the other hand, is on another level of bravery. He investigates all these places ALONE. All by himself, guys. What this does is two things: 1) Teach us we’re all sissies; 2) Reinforce the credibility to his experiences. It’s less likely if he’s by himself that what he’s hearing or seeing has been compromised by a teammate.

One of my favorite parts about Frank is his connection to his audience. Frank currently has 174,000 subscribers on YouTube, and he treats every single one of us like family. He opens the commentary on his investigations with a warm welcome, and ends with the most sincere “Bye, guys!” I’ve ever heard from a public figure. He reads comments on Instagram and YouTube. He’s not just in it for the views, he’s in it for us. Often times when something terrifying occurs, Frank wants to dip out, but he replies, “I don’t do that, that’s not what this channel’s about” and goes on to investigate the strange phenomenon. Other times, his interest in providing us with great content comes right out of his wallet. For instance, when he paid the pricey cost to get Room 812 at the Alex Johnson Hotel all to himself. His intentions to bring us an honest investigation cannot be dismissed for ulterior motives. Listen to his voice in the videos ooze with sincerity.

Another reason I so passionately support Franko TV is that he doesn’t sacrifice the truth for entertainment. When he hears the preternatural knocking on his door, he answers it with logic and reason before deeming it ghost-related. He’s honest about his findings, and posts videos even if he captures only one disembodied voice. Sure, it would be so much more fascinating if he caught full-body apparitions in every video or EVPs during every session. But that’s unrealistic. Ghosts do their thing when they’re ready, and I will 100% support Frank over any thrill-seeking fibber in it for fame and fortune.

Frank also includes in every description that he only investigates where he’s been granted permission to do so, or locations that are open to the public. He is incredibly respectful to the spots he visits, and is especially sensitive when he’s in graveyards so as not to expose the names on tombs. Not once have I heard him challenge, threaten, or disrespect a spirit. He also respects us as the viewers by minimizing curse words, so his ghostly adventures are appropriate for family ghost nights!

Like and Subscribe to Franko TV Adventures! Check out Frank’s latest video–and the most compelling full-body apparition–linked below!

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Nuke’s Top 5

With almost 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, you’ve probably already heard of this one. But it’s still worth a mention.

Nuke’s definitely the most commercial of this list. His branding, fanbase, and editing quality proves that. When I refer to “branding”, I mean that his identity and content match. His name is “Nuke’s Top 5” and he posts top five videos of ghosts, creepy people, etc. Branding also includes an easily identifiable target audience. Because of Nuke’s marketing pitches, the content consistency, and even the inflection of his voice in his videos, it’s a no-brainer to guess that his genre is the paranormal.

Video quality is the reason I subscribed after the second video. Nuke edits in visual aids during his master storytelling, and uses vocal inflection during his narration to induce a chilling mood. Nuke’s videos always include the original source of the video (if he can find it), and he always credits fans who submitted or suggested the videos. Nuke provides us with a brief backstory about the clip before we hash into it ourselves. And when it’s time for the terror to show its ugly face, Nuke slows down, enhances, and replays the part with the strange activity in case viewers missed it.

Nuke always leaves the ultimate decision of authenticity up to us, leaving his bias out completely. His catchphrase sounds like this: “Is this a real ghost caught on camera? Or is it all just an elaborate hoax? You decide.”

Nuke is definitely a Friday favorite!

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Slapped Ham


Now, I don’t watch this channel nor am I a subscriber, but my mom has seen enough to suggest I throw it up here for you. The content of this channel happens to be paranormal phenomenon caught on camera, ranging from ghosts to aliens to just downright bizarre experiences. More than 70% of the footage Kallen posts are exclusive to his channel, not something I’ve seen repeated a dozen times.

I will say that there are a few reasons I resist watching Slapped Ham on Fridays. Too much narration kills the mood, especially when told in monotone. Instead of playing the clip in silence for us to encounter the strange activity ourselves, Kallen often narrates the entire duration of the video. Also, his name had absolutely no correlation whatsoever to the content of his videos which dissuaded me from clicking. If I saw it in a feed, honestly, I would have no reason to click on it. Above all else, the most bizarre part of the video is Kallen’s exit. He rockets up from his chair and shoots out of screen with a “PEW!” and…we’re just…sort of left…there. A simple see ya would have been sufficient.

I was going to give Kallen props for his interaction with fans. While he has over one million subscribers on YouTube, he promises at the end of videos to engage with all the comments, to give out hearts, and to pin one lucky comment. Does he follow through? Not always. Nothing is worse than being promised an interaction with someone you support only to have to settle for disappointing silence.

So, if you’re into watching ghost videos and can tolerate constant narration, join over a million people in subscribing and show Slapped Ham some love.

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If you enjoyed, please let me know by liking this post, and feel free to comment your scariest experience or recommend YouTube channels you watch! Thanks for reading!

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