C16: Loyalty

Classy uptown pleasantly changed Danillo’s routine stops. Vintage buildings all original to Geneva now operated as bars and restaurants and locally owned businesses. Old-fashioned lamp posts lined the sidewalks along where cars parked. Decent folk of all ages walked the historic two miles. Admiring the beauty of time, everything in breathtaking condition.

“There it is.” Danillo spotted Keitaro’s Audi’s front fender peeking out of the alley.

“I don’t see a place to park.”

“Just let me out here,” Danillo said.

Hunter stopped dead center of the one-lane road. A horn blared behind him.

“Here’s twenty bucks,” Danillo said, slapping a crinkled bill into Hunter’s palm.

“Sir, I can’t accept this.”

“You take cash, don’t you?” Danillo unbuckled and shoved opened his door.

“No, sir, it’s just…We traveled less than two miles to get here. It was a three minute drive…”

“Hang onto it, kid.”

Danillo climbed out. He shut the door on Hunter’s “thanks!” The detective saluted the Uber driver. The car sped away behind Danillo as the detective faced Keitaro’s sleek midnight blue luxury car. The Roquefort to the car’s left. Don’s Flower Shop to the right.

Just to verify the car’s owner, Danillo clicked the unlock button on the key fob. The headlights responded with a flicker. Thin beams of light stroked outward then broad LED lights backstroked to fulfill the headlights.

“Whoa, d’you see that?” a guy on the sidewalk said to his buddy as they passed the car.

Danillo locked the car and the lights faded in the same sequence. “Neat.”

The detective tucked the key fob into his jeans pocket. Right about where he stood, he figured Keitaro had been jumped last night. Danillo checked the ground for anything dropped or obvious. So

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