C15: Room 407

“Did you see the woman I was talking to just now?” Keitaro said.

The front desk clerk gaped in shock at Keitaro’s face.

“Miss?” he said politely.

“Uh…” She shook her head, snapping out of the trance.

“You couldn’t miss her. Blue dress, blonde hair, green eyes. About this tall.” He held his hand even with his Adam’s apple.

The young blonde receptionist, named Makayla according to her nametag, shook her head. “I’m sorry, sir, I was checking in a guest.”

Keitaro dropped his shoulders.

“Would you like to…check in?” she said.

Keitaro sighed in disappointment. “I made a reservation earlier. Kim Keitaro.”

“Okay, let me find that.” Makayla pulled up the information on the computer. “There you are. Single room. Amenities include a picture window overlooking the city, full access to the massage parlor, wi-fi access, and free breakfast for two-fifty a night.”

“Yes.” Keitaro removed his license from his wallet.

“I’ll need your ID, please.”

Keitaro handed it to her. Makayla clicked away, filing the information into the system.

“And your form of payment?”

Keitaro showed her his phone.

“It’s ready for you.”

Keitaro tapped his phone against the credit card pad.

“All right. You’ll be staying in room 4-0-7 on the third floor. Robert will handle your bags.”

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