Danny Raye

Danny Raye was born February of 1994 in Missouri. Her first encounter with the paranormal occurred when she was four years old. At ten, she started investigating her home with her mother, and assisted local teams during investigations. At thirteen, she captured her first EVP of a boy claiming, “Julia’s trying to come in.”

Now a Christian horror/action writer, she publishes chapters of her blogged book Crossed by Cobrador on her website while preparing her first book series for publication.

That’s the jacket version of me. I don’t know about you, but when I read an author’s bio, I cling less to their list of achievements and more to the number of cats they have or that they live in South Dakota with their husband and two children. I think most audiences enjoy a personal connection to the people they support. And while I think some things are a privilege for others to know about me, these are the things I’m comfortable sharing:

Horror Fan
I have a very specific taste for horror. I review movies that are recommended, I watch movies from producers or writers whose work I have enjoyed previously. I’m loyal to James Wan/Leigh Whannell. Since Insidious and The Conjuring, nothing can surpass Wan and Whannell to me yet. Their imagination matches mine, and I find their work satisfying and entertaining.

Being a Christian influences how far into horror I go. I prefer ghost stories and demonology because it parallels my religious beliefs. But I avoid movies that put me into a sinful mindset that would oppose my obligations as a disciple.

When it comes to books, I have yet to find a horror author that I love. I don’t dislike Stephen King’s work, I loved Gerald’s Game, but I wouldn’t say I’m a fan either. The more popular things are, the less I like them.

Favorite horror film: The Conjuring (2013)

Favorite horror novel: Hell House by Richard Matheson

Defined as a person or custom that seems old-fashioned and belongs to an earlier time period.

I don’t believe in reincarnation. But I do believe we connect with time periods of the past in such a way that persuades us to believe we once lived there. A lot of people feel nostalgia when listening to The Midnight, an eighties synthwave band, even though they weren’t born until decades later. I feel much the same about belonging in the 30’s. I don’t know what it is, but when it comes to love, I’m old-fashioned that way. And much of my personality, much of what I appreciate in this world is outdated.

Chivalry, for instance, is the most attractive feature of a man. A gentleman will always be more alluring to me than a rebel. Romance to me is dancing cheek-to-cheek and hand-holding on a stroll through the park. I love swing dancing, poodle skirts, polka dot dresses, frills and pleats. I enjoy being serenaded. And I have always dreamed of ordering a burger and milkshake at a vintage diner.

Favorite vintage film: The Thin Man (1934)

Mustangs, Movies, and GOT7
Mustangs are my soulmates. Upon creating my character Alex Matalino, I realized I needed an iconic car for him. I wanted a car that was slightly overrated, something readers would see everywhere. And when I saw the 2016 Mustang, I knew it was the one. The first time I laid eyes on that front end, the first time I heard a magnaflow exhaust, I just knew the Ford Mustang was the one for him.

Photo Credit Instagram @voodoo350

Developing the character and creating a bond between him and the Mustang accidentally turned me into a fan. I fall asleep watching Mustang car washes. Love the pulls. Love the drag racing. I fell in love with their aggression and power, and nothing will ever take its

Action and horror are my favorite genres. I was more excited to see John Wick 3: Parabellum last year than I was to celebrate my birthday. My top three action franchises are definitely John Wick, Blade, and Resident Evil.


I am not a K Pop fan. I am a GOT7 fan. I can’t tell you a thing about other groups, but GOT7 are like brothers to me. I have been a fan for five years now. I found them during their “If You Do” era, and have been loyal to them ever since. It’s been a journey watching these seven boys mature to men. You will never find fan service better than theirs. Never a brotherhood stronger than theirs. Seven talented individuals who collaborate to create musical masterpieces. Always grateful for their hard work and sacrifices!

Favorite GOT7 song: “Let Me”

While I’m posting or doing paperwork, I love watching VanossGaming. I stay loyal to Vanoss because I was there in the Black Ops days, and I’ve watched him grow to his success today. I was there when he branded himself as the owl, and I just stick with his videos because they’re well edited. Vanoss by himself is a cool guy, but his videos would be lifeless without Delirious, Panda, Terroriser,Nogla, and Wildcat, amongst all the others. These guys were friends at first game play, and I’m so glad I stumbled on them. Delirious is the funniest to me, and he has me in tears with his grammatical errors. Panda is my favorite person, his laugh is so contagious. They’re just a bunch of goofs playing video games, making fun of each other, and it always turns my frown upside down.

Bahama Mamas gets me every time!

Cristiano and Akaia
My son is all I ever asked for as a mother. And my daughter is everything I never knew I needed as a person. Being a mother of two definitely hinders my ability to write, but I’m grateful to have to independent, understanding children. God bless them! Our family saying, and they know it before it leaves my mouth, is: “When I’m done with this chapter” or “I have chapters to write”. Love watching them play pretend as writers!

Hope you enjoyed this unconventional glimpse into the lady behind the keyboard! Would love to hear your comments below, or you can find me on Twitter and Instagram @writerdannyraye. Thank you for reading!

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