“Hi, Makayala!”

The receptionist perked up. “Oh, hi, Anja!”

“You know, there isn’t a color in the rainbow that doesn’t match your smile.”

Makayla blushed. “Oh, thank you very much. I love your dress.”

Anja brushed the long blue gown down her legs. “Does it hide my bandage well?”

“What bandage?” Makayla said.

“It hides it perfectly then.”

The girls giggled.

“Is Shaun in today?”

“He is. Let me…” Makayla clicked on the keyboard, staring down into the computer screen. “He’s in a meeting until three. Would you like to come back or wait?”

“It’s only thirty minutes. I’ll wait.”

“Mind keeping me company until he’s free?” Makayla said.

“Robert still teasing you?”

Makayla rolled her eyes. “Like a little brother.”

Anja chuckled. “I think he means well, but he gets bored easily.”

“So he tortures me.”

“Have patience with him. When he matures a little more, he’ll outgrow his teasing phase.”

“If I can ask, what bandage were you talking about? Did you cleanse a house?”

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