C9: Good Samaritan

Six minutes from Auburn Memorial Hospital, three minutes from the Loop shopping center, Genesee Street combines the convenience of inner city dwelling with the coziness of suburbia. Market value for housing on Genesee ranged between $150,000 to $200,000. Keitaro’s house had been purchased for a dollar under$200k. A lovely two storey, three bedroom, one-and-a-half bath home for just one man.

149, 148, 147, 146, ah, 145.

Danillo turned left into the long driveway. A slate-colored house with curb appealing touches of nature drew Danillo up the driveway. He parked and climbed out, leaning on his door as he beheld the beauty of the landscaping and breathed in the natural potpourri of the white flowers lining the walkway.

Down the driveway, Danillo noticed a ten-foot tall security gate disguised as vinyl privacy fencing. Impassible without the remote access. He decided to try searching the front of the house for clues about the man of mystery.

Danillo closed his car door. He walked down to the sidewalk. White snowball-shaped flowers framed the yard like the floral form of a white picket fence. The clusters of flowers grew about waist high behind well-trimmed, knee-high boxwood hedges. Two symmetrical sides of the yard divided by a smooth sidewalk, and Danillo walked right down the middle of it.

May be a landscaper to question, Danillo thought.

Danillo ascended the three stone steps to the front porch under a V-shaped arch with a dangling black lantern. He pounded on the white door. He rang the doorbell and heard it chime throughout. He pressed his ear against the door to listen for a dog, footsteps, any sign of company. But the house responded with silence.

Just like its owner. Danillo chuckled.

He tried the handle just in case. Locked.

The symmetrical house offered three panel windows on either side of the first floor. Both sets were guarded by tall, vibrant red sumac hedges that blocked visibility. Danillo descended the porch stairs and stepped into the red mulch, forcing his way behind the sumac to the window on the left side.

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