C8: Taberu

“Holy shit, Boss.” TJ took in the full effect of Keitaro’s face. “They messed you the fuck up.”

“Excuse me, sir,” Margo said sternly.

“Sorry.” TJ raised his hand. “Just…You do see his face, don’t you?”

“Here’s your fresh ice pack,” Margo said.

“Thank you.”

“If you need anything, press the red button, okay?”

Margo smiled on her way out.

TJ took his cue. “Brought you the best, Boss.” He unpacked a black bowl with a clear plastic lid. “Bibi with beef.” He pulled out a clear unlabeled bottle with fresh condensation. “Water.” He brought out a second bowl, ovular rather than rectangular. “Dumplings. Mama Ha said the dumplings were complimentary.”

“You pronounced the name right?” Keitaro said.

“She said it was complimentary because it was for you, not me.” TJ read the name off the white bag. “Taberu.”

“You’re saying it in English, not Japanese.”

“It’s fucking Korean comfort food, why’s it got a Japanese name anyway?” TJ said.

“I need to use the bathroom, TJ. Can you help me get to my feet?”

“Yeah, Boss.” TJ squatted at Keitaro’s side. “You know you look fucked up, right?”

Keitaro grabbed hold of TJ’s shoulder. “So you’ve said.”

“Just want you to be prepared when you look in the mirror. You look like a Tales From the Crypt victim.”

2 thoughts on “C8: Taberu

  1. Oh snap! I am so glad you added this chapter. Not that your chapters needed a filler but these are sooo well written. It fits perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

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