C6: Defensive Coiling

“When Cobra first got arrested, he was brand new in the game. Stupid mistake slipped up, Danillo caught it, next thing I knew, Cobra was in jail. Danillo sat me down. Asked me what I wanted to do with my life, why I was following Cobra’s footsteps. Cobra was my best friend before he became Cobrador. I’ve been loyal to him all my life. Danillo told it to me real. That Cobra was going to take me down with him. And now look at me. I’m six feet under.”

Victor wandered to the chair on the left side of the hospital bed.

“Are you still loyal to him now?” Keitaro said.

“To Cobra?” Victor shook his head as his eyes fell to his lap in disappointment. “Naw, man. He’s hurt enough people. I want him knocked on his ass.”

Keitaro wrapped the chain around his knuckles to make it taut between him and Victor. “This stays. Until you can prove your loyalties have shifted.”

Victor’s head tipped back as the collar tightened. “I understand.”

Keitaro loosened the chain, and Victor’s head lowered into place.
“Cobra isn’t Cobra anymore, is he?”

“Cobra hasn’t been Cobra for a while now. Doesn’t know he’s possessed either.”

“I know nothing about demons.”

“All I know is they’re soulless and strong. Cobra can bench our combined weight.”

“Know any priests?”

“I look like I go to church?”

They both laughed.

“Do you have a plan?”

“Defensive coiling.”

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