Chapter 5: Private Justice

“Bet you anything the word ‘ninja’ crossed his mind at least once,” Victor said.

Forty-six missed calls. All from TJ. Keitaro added Danillo’s number to his contacts, and called TJ back.

“Boss, you’re alive.” Relief plummeted in TJ’s sigh. “Are you safe?”

“In the hospital.”

“Did the cops get you? I called them,” TJ said.

Keitaro crumbled Danillo’s card. “Yes.”

“Man, I didn’t know you could fight, Boss! You kicked their asses, and it was three to one. That was the coolest shit I’ve ever seen! Do you always carry that knife?” TJ said.


“I mean, you got fucking shot, and you kept coming!” TJ said.“It hurt.”

“What did they want from you? I mean, I thought for sure they were gonna kill you. But then they kidnapped you. They want your money?” TJ said.

“No,” Keitaro said.

“They shot at me, too. When you drove off, they shot my window and I dodged that bullet like fucking Neo. You wouldn’t believe it,” TJ said.

“I believe it.”

“You need anything, Boss?”

“Real food,” Keitaro said.

“All right. Text me what you want.”


“Hell yeah, I can bring that boring ass rice you like,” TJ said.

“Without the side of bullshit?”

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