Chapter 5: Private Justice

Doctor Featherton snapped his folder closed, hugged it to his chest and nodded to the detective on his way out of the room.

Danillo rolled the stool to Keitaro’s bedside and took a seat. “Far as I’m concerned, you’re valuable enough for witness protection.”

Keitaro rested his head back on the pillow.

Danillo waved a slim folder. “You up to answering a few questions?”

Keitaro responded with silence.

“Not in any way are you a suspect or under arrest at this time. This questioning is to identify a suspect behind your…’mugging’. Do you understand that?” Danillo said.

Keitaro nodded once.

“Good. Now. You left work at approximately eleven fifteen last night, is that correct?”

Keitaro nodded again.

“That’s when the 9-1-1 call was placed. A co-worker of yours claimed you were shot and being jumped and then that you were being taken. Can you tell me about that?”

Keitaro stared absently at the detective.

“No? Nothing?”

“Danillo is good people. You should talk to him,” Victor said.

“I picked you up outside a nightclub called the 13th Hour. It’s owned by a man named Cobrador. You recognize him?” Danillo held up a picture of Cobra.

Keitaro blinked at the picture.

“What are you doing?” Victor said.

“What about him?” Danillo held up a glossy picture of Victor.

Keitaro remained unchanged.

“These guys?” Pictures of Thiago and Gunner. “Look familiar?”

“He’s trying to help you,” Victor said.

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