Chapter 5: Private Justice

“Feels like Hiroshima in my head,” Keitaro said.

“Your painkillers should start kicking in any minute. You were just administered your scheduled dose about eight minutes ago.” Doctor Featherton removed the light from the wall.

“All right. Follow the light for me.”

Keitaro did.

“That eye seems responsive and intact,” Doctor Featherton said.

The coarse fabric of the sling strap rubbed against Keitaro’s neck. He adjusted the strap more comfortably and heard jingling. Around his wrist he noticed the silver necromancer chain created a bracelet with a dangling link. He touched the hanging link and the phantom chain manifested like a cord connecting him to Victor.

“Missing something?” Detective Danillo said.

Keitaro released the links and the phantom chain vanished.

“Missing a watch?” the detective said.

Danillo’s unable to see the chain, Keitaro thought.

“Phone and car keys,” he said instead.

“Your phone and keys are there.” Detective Danillo pointed to the bedside table. “Can you tell me what happened to you last night?”

“I was mugged,” Keitaro said.

“So Keitaro, you suffered several injuries in your mugging,” Doctor Featherton said. “Did you hear me tell the detective what those were?”

Keitaro nodded.

“Do you have any questions about what I said?”

“Is there anything keeping me from being discharged?”

“Honestly, there’s nothing more the hospital can do as far as treatment,” Doctor Featherton said. “Your folder lists no emergency contacts or next of kin.”

“If I can stay until evening, that would be appreciated.”

“Of course. Nurse Margo will bring you an ice pack for the swelling on your face. Other than that, I’ll write you a prescription for pain, and you can be on your way when you’re ready.”

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