Chapter 4: Slave to Stray

Keitaro yanked Victor to himself by the chain. Victor’s spirit stumbled forward. The men went face-to-face. Keitaro said, “Cover me”, and Victor’s eyes glossed over with obedience. He stepped out from behind Keitaro and faced Cobra, Thiago and Gunner.

“No! You little shit!” Cobra hurried to his pistol.

“What is it?” Gunner raised his gun instinctively.

Victor twisted the gun away from Gunner. A shot fired into the wall.

Thiago aimed at the air around him. “He sicked Victor on us!”

Keitaro bolted for the door.

“He’s getting out!” Gunner said. He took one step toward Keitaro and got thrown back into the wall by Victor.

Keitaro retraced the map to the back door of the club. Left at the end of the hall then right then right again. He shoved his shoulder into the metal door, stumbled down the five stairs and rounded the side of the building.


Keitaro yanked the chain, summoning Victor’s ghost at his side. Together they ran away from the club toward the Novella Bridge underpass.


Gunshot or metal door banging open? Neither ghost or necromancer turned to look. Footsteps throttled behind Keitaro.

“Don’t stop,” Victor said.

“I can’t keep…”

Keitaro crumbled.

“He’s down! Get him!” one of the thugs said.


Sirens and flashing red lights stopped Cobra and his thugs. A black Charger peeled to a stop between Cobra and Keitaro.

“Get in,” the driver said through the window to Keitaro.

“Danillo?” Victor said.

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