Chapter 4: Slave to Stray

The driver hopped out, unholstered a Glock and aimed one-handed at the thugs over the hood of the car. “Let it be tonight, boys.”

Victor helped Keitaro into the barred backseat of the all-black beast.

“He’s my property,” Cobra said. “Lo marqué.”

“He’s evidence, and he’s now under witness protection. So come on. Let it be tonight.”

Cobra tipped his head back. He raised a finger gun, firing several shots at the cop then at Keitaro in the backseat. Thiago and Gunner retreated inside the building.

The cop dropped into the driver’s seat, slamming the door. He turned to look back at Keitaro. “Hang tight.”

“Hospital,” Keitaro said.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m on it.”

The cop threw the car into drive.

“This is Detective Danillo, Cobra’s most dedicated opposition,” Victor said from the passenger’s seat. “Rest, Keitaro. You’re in good hands.”

Keitaro couldn’t resist the darkness.

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