Chapter 3: 60 Seconds

“Will someone shoot the motherfucker!” the gunman said as he got to his feet.

The buff guy noticed his gun near Keitaro’s feet. He glanced back at Keitaro. Keitaro twisted his head warning the guy not to try. The buff guy made an attempt anyway. Keitaro kicked the gun near the street then dropped to the ground, threw his legs around the buff guy and forced him to the pavement. Keitaro flipped one-handed and threw his leg up into the fancy guy’s face. Keitaro landed standing up. Face to face with a gun.



Missed. Keitaro had ducked and turned under the gunman’s arm. When Keitaro stood again, he threw a left-handed punch then punched the crease of the gunman’s elbow while simultaneously pushing the gun. The opposing forces dislodged the gun, and it clattered to the pavement.

Keitaro faced the next attack. The barrel of a gun. He grabbed the buff guy’s wrist and forced the gun away from his face. Keitaro threw his knife up to slash the buff guy’s face, but the buff guy grabbed Keitaro’s wrist. In a grunting battle of strength, the men twisted each other’s arms away. The knife hovered higher. The gun aimed at Keitaro’s heart. Keitaro shoved it down more to his left.




“Oh shit,” TJ said.

Keitaro slunk to the left, revealing the man behind him with a smoking gun.

“Yeah, fuck you,” the gunman said.

The buff guy bashed Keitaro’s face twice. Keitaro tackled him, both of them slamming to the ground.

“Aye! Aye!”

The fancy guy kicked Keitaro off the buff guy. Keitaro fell hard into the ground and didn’t recover quick enough before the three guys were on him. Punching and kicking and damning him.

“Oh, shit. Get up, Boss,” TJ said.

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