Chapter 3: 60 Seconds

TJ glanced at Keitaro who glanced right back. “I haven’t pissed anyone off in Call of Duty lately, Boss.”

“Sure you ain’t got enemies in that private life of yours, Boss?” Ramirez said.

“I water my flowers. My only enemy is winter,” Keitaro said.

“Maybe we should call the cops,” Dylan said.

“Hell naw.” Ramirez stood and scooted his chair into the table. “I got a masseuse coming at one o’clock. It’s already half past midnight.”

“You know how long it’d take cops to get here?” TJ said.

“If they even took the call seriously,” Keitaro said.

“You got a plan?” TJ nodded toward Keitaro.

“Always.” Keitaro turned away from the window. “We leave now. Everyone shifts into drive in sixty seconds. Don’t put your seatbelt on. Don’t check your phones. Just get in and go.”

“Ain’t gotta tell me twice,” Ramirez said.

The closing crew gathered around the door.

“What if they tail us?” Dylan said.

“Drive to the police station. Just don’t let them pull up next to you,” Keitaro said.


Keitaro punched in the code on the rubber security pad. The alarm beeped three times warning it would be armed in thirty seconds.

“Because they could shoot through the windows. Here we go,” Keitaro said.

He unlocked the front door, shepherded everyone out and locked it just as fast.

“What if it’s you, Boss?”

Keitaro fist-bumped TJ. “Then they’ll regret that choice.” He showed TJ a black pocket knife clutched inconspicuously in his fist.

“There could be six guys in there.”

“Go, TJ.”

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