Chapter 1: The Tall Lady

The tall lady flashed a jagged smile that unsettled Anja.

A flame sparked on the floor between the tall lady’s hands. The candle-sized flame shot off in opposite directions, forming a complete circle around the ghost. The ring of fire collapsed in on the tall lady, consuming her in flames. She wailed and tried to crawl out of the circle to escape the pain, but the fire blazed into an impenetrable wall.


A pair of black leathery hands extended from the pit of the eternal flame and grasped the tall lady’s dress. She reached for God, but the Devil tugged her down. The core of the earth swallowed her and the eternal flame, and the ring of fire retracted to its starting point and flickered out with a satisfying tssst.

The house cleansing was successful.

“I woke up to what I’d done.”

But the tall lady’s words haunted Anja.

Something felt off about them.

“I had help.”

Encouragement to sin.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The Tall Lady

  1. Wow! The detail, the action, the images that are left in my mind. “You fix errors in red”… those poor children. I was drawn in from the beginning and couldn’t look away!


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