Chapter 1: The Tall Lady

“She screamed because of the blood, you know?”

The echo of that night replayed for Anja. Behind where she dangled, being choked, Anja heard grunting and whimpering and a child’s body thudding to the floor.

“Mommy, please, no.”

A little girl’s blood-curdling scream continued until a clean squelch silenced her. Then more grunting, spitting and crying. Then another thud.

“You fix errors in red.”

Anja’s eyes stung with tears.

“God’s damned mistakes were corrected.”

Anja plunged her dagger twice into the tall lady’s jugular.


The tall lady dropped Anja to her feet on the floor. The tall lady tapped her neck wound and the sight of blood shocked her.

“You BITCH!”

The ghost hashed her claws at Anja again. This time, Anja let her. The tall lady’s hands phased straight through Anja’s head. Betrayed by her strength, the tall lady stared at her hands and panicked at their transparency.

“What’s happening to me?” She noticed the fresh blood on her dress. “I’m bleeding.”

Anja slipped her dagger into the other half of the crucifix sheath she wore as a necklace.

“You think you are. That’s what you remember should happen when you get stabbed. What’s really happening is you’re losing energy. I’m draining your spirit of energy one stab at a time. Weakening your soul.”

The tall lady fell to her knees and pressed both bloody hands to the wood to brace herself. Energy in the manifestation of blood released from the ghost’s apparition, withdrawing its solidity and strength.

“Help me,” the tall lady said.

“You killed your babies for peace and quiet. You belong with the beasts.”

“I had help.”

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The Tall Lady

  1. Wow! The detail, the action, the images that are left in my mind. “You fix errors in red”… those poor children. I was drawn in from the beginning and couldn’t look away!


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