Chapter 1: The Tall Lady

The tall lady aimed the serrated side of her blade to Anja’s throat. Anja stopped it with her dagger, but the tall lady’s aggression forced the knife closer. Anja backpedaled herself into the wall.

“Their death was the loudest,” the tall lady whispered.

Black eyes poked with a white pupil drifted away to reminisce.

“Then there was silence, and I woke up to what I’d done.”

While the past distracted the tall lady, Anja exerted all her strength against the steak knife. She forced it away just enough to duck. The slice went over her head, and the tall lady practically bent herself in half missing her mark.

Anja kneed the tall lady in the chest. Her body hiccuped with the force. Anja punched her in the face then kicked the backs of the tall lady’s knees. The ghost crumbled to the floor on all fours.


The tall lady slashed the knife at Anja. Anja tucked and rolled herself over the tall lady’s back, landing on her feet on the other side. She threw her foot into the tall lady’s stomach, sending the ghost flying into the wall. The tall lady thudded hard then slid to the floor.

“Never fought anyone your own size, have you?” Anja said.

The tall lady raged in embarrassment. She scrambled to her feet and charged to tackle.

Anja threw away the train of her floor-length dress to expose her legs. When the tall lady neared close enough, Anja shifted her feet and threw her right leg around. Foot connected to face and the tall lady went down a second time, the steak knife skidding away. The tall lady tucked her head into her chest as a guttural growl rumbled in her chest. Her fingers curved into the wood flooring and clawed long scratches into the polish. She got to her knees then to her feet.

Come on, drain, Anja thought.

“AHHH!” The tall lady ran at Anja with wicked claws, slashing right and left. Anja dodged each attack, noticing the fresh red stains on the tall lady’s dress under the arm and on the stomach where she had been stabbed.

“Got you!”

Distracted by the blood, Anja allowed herself to be captured by the throat. The tall lady picked Anja up off her feet so their eyes could level.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1: The Tall Lady

  1. Wow! The detail, the action, the images that are left in my mind. “You fix errors in red”… those poor children. I was drawn in from the beginning and couldn’t look away!


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